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Harvest 18mm Calibrated 600x600mm

£9.07 £7.56

Every hand-cut piece exhibits a naturally riven surface and edges, evoking a warm and organic aesthetic, while also being calibrated to achieve a consistent nominal thickness.

Sandstone paving is unique in that no two stones have the same colour, yet when they are put together, they provide a vibrant tapestry of colour. Seasonal variations also alter the hue of sandstone. A sandstone patio may appear to have less colour variation in the summer sunlight, but the colours will be of a deep patina after rain. Each stone is hand split to give a unique, natural riven surface.

Size600 x 600 x 18mm
Nominal Weight16.00kg approx.
Suitable ForOutdoor use
Coverage3 pieces covers approx 1m2

  •  Long-term durability
  • Timeless natural indian sandstone
  • Hand-cut for a naturally riven surface and edges
  • Easy to maintain
  • Offers mostly warm buff and brown blends, with some occasional pink tones.
  • Calibrated – Machine cut to give a consistent, nominal thickness